Custom Set Up Eco Box Case Study

Tru Melange
Tru Melange, a Minnesota based company, signifies the harmony and beauty of nature in their handmade eco-friendly aromatherapy candles. In designing the packaging it was important that the casing was more than just functional. It needed to become an extension of the candle and the company's natural image as well. Vishal Naithani of tru melange, "We wanted our packaging to be upscale. It needed to convey the image of our product and our company...We went with Sunrise because of their great service, price and ability to meet these needs."

After thorough consideration the final box was printed using a 4 color offset on 80 pound litho text with aqueous coating. This was then wrapped around 100% recycled 42 point chipboard. The 4 color printing ensured the vibrant and varying colors came out pristine. While the chipboard resulted in a 2-piece turned edge box with a sturdy feel that paralleled the upscale image of the company.

Why is the box green? It's made from 100% recycled chipboard and is 100% recyclable using an aqueous coating.

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