Our Sustainability Efforts | Sunrise Packaging
Sunrise Packaging is committed to environmental responsibility. Beyond offering and expanding our lines of sustainable packaging products to our customers, we practice environmentally friendly business behaviors.

Sunrise Packaging's sustainability efforts:


We recycle 88% of all materials in our manufacturing facility officially making us the biggest recycler in Anoka County, MN. We also have a recycling program for our customers where they can send products back to us at the end of their life cycle and we'll recycle them free of charge.

We undergo voluntary annual audits by our utility providers to find new ways to reduce energy use and operate more efficiently. Our latest audit led to an overhaul of our lighting system converting us to a more efficient eco-friendly system.

Our marketing communications center on using email and the internet for correspondence and promotional mailing. By sending promotional materials and catalogs electronically, we save money on printing costs, eliminate time getting the materials to the customer, and demonstrate environmental responsibility by saving lots of paper.

All of our spec sheets for manufacturing are generated in electronic format. We have multiple recycling stations set up in our office for recycling paper, paper fiberboard, and cardboard. Our caffeine-addicted coffee drinkers use mugs or other reusable cups for consuming their morning cup of joe.

To create our green packaging solutions we use our finest eco-friendly materials so that quality and durability are not compromised.
Recycled chipboard
Recycled cover material
Recyclable ring metals
Recycled poly
Biodegradable glue
Soy and UV inks- containing no solvents
UV and aqueous coatings- VOC free